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'Crying is Dead' Popular House Music Curator Lil Jodeci Drops New Music for the Movement

Following the murder of George Floyd by a policing system that empowered criminal officer Derek Chauvin along with three others, black artists across the world have turned their mediums into forms of protest. New Orleans' DJ and house producer known as Lil Jodeci creates a powerful statement through his latest mix 'Crying is Dead'. Maintaining the high-energy jubilant flares of dance music, Lil Jodeci uniquely combines the gutsy impulses of a generation who has been pushed too far.

The name 'Crying is Dead' falls right in line with the message that plays out as listeners advance through the tracks. Expect to hear some of the most forth-coming voices of past civil rights movements such as Stokley Carmichael, Kathlean Cleaver, and Reverand Louis Farrakhaun. Echoes of necessary violence in revolution respond to a deep historic correlation between racial oppression in America and today's police criminality toward black men. Altogether the music and message are tied together through a special irony--a black man, delivering a black message, through a genre of music that black men were fundamental in creating yet still treated like visitors to the set.

In the caption of the 'Crying is Dead' release Lil Jodeci shares

"Stop begging for someone to give you something, if you have to beg that means they probably don't want you to have it." Check out the mix on soundcloud.

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